Finding Café Kalkhoven was a lovely surprise; while walking around the Jordaan district (in desperate need of a coffee) I spotted Café Kalkhoven and made a beeline for its door. I had no idea of its history, but was instantly charmed by its brown interior took a seat by the window.

My friend and I both ordered coffees and while deep in conversation were visited by the resident cat who seemed entirely unimpressed that we unable to provide it with any table scraps so it sauntered over to another table. Soon there after, our coffees arrived:


A coffee with a glorious stroopwafel? I knew then I had to come back for a second visit.

The next day while walking back to the café, the sound of music got louder and louder as we approached. Seeing people gathered on a bridge I looked down at the water and there were a group of paddle boarders promoting something or another. All I knew was that I wanted to join in!


Fun, right? This would be such a cool way to explore the canals…but I digress.

So we popped into the café and I was quick to order some poffertjes:


Fluffy and fat little pancakes generously dusted with powdered sugar served with a healthy dollop of butter these traditional pancakes are heaven.

Café Kalkhoven
Prinsengracht 283
1016 GW Amsterdam
– across the street from the Westerkerk

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