Another day, another exfoliant! This time, we’re reviewing Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant.

I was introduced to the product after a visit to Dermalogica’s headquarters in Toronto where I went through a skin analysis with the knowledgeable Karon who created a skin care regimen for me. Dermalogica has a range of different exfoliants and after trying a couple, I settled on the Gentle Cream Exfoliant because it wasn’t a traditional scrub. Instead, it exfoliates the skin with Lactic Acid and Hydroxy Acid which is a nice alternative to abrasive masks.

When I apply it and wait the suggested 10 minutes for it to work, it doesn’t harden on the skin which was something I also appreciate. That’s because it’s a not only an exfoliant but a masque as well (we do love our multitaskers!)

So when it comes to exfoliation, scrubs are not your only option. But it’s also important to remember, just because it’s “gentle” doesn’t mean you should be using it every day either. All I can advise is be consistent if you want to see results in your skin’s radiance and clarity.

So, what kind of exfoliants do you prefer – scrubs or chemical? Let us know below!

75 ml for $49.50 from

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