A year ago, I read this blog post by Garance Doré that declared she maintained a flaw-free complexion thanks to a simple regimen of  using a micellar lotion cleanser, a spray of thermal water followed by a super hydrating lotion – it was apparently prescribed by her dermo. Although suspicious, I bookmarked the post because I found its simplicity intriguing. I mean, not using tap water on your face? How can that work?

As I’ve already mentioned, I have acneic/oily skin that tends to flare up the most during the summer months. In the winter, however, my skin tends to be much clearer, not perfect – but definitely clearer. So remembering Garance‘s post I decided this would be a good time to put waterless cleansing to the test.

She kept it down to three main products so I used the same formula. I used: Avène Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Makeup Remover, Avène Thermal Water Spray and Avène Clean-AC Hydrating Cream.

The first few days were a bit strange because after using the micellar lotion my skin didn’t have that squeaky clean feeling I had become accustomed to. After a few weeks, I noticed that my skin looked far more moisturized and I haven’t had any flare ups. I’m not sure I can attribute this totally to micellar lotion but I can say that my skin likes this basic routine.

Also, as you know, I’ve been testing a couple exfoliating masks for the blog so on those days, I still use tap water on my skin – just minimally. On days like that, I use the micellar lotion as a toner to bring the pH level of my skin back to appropriate levels.

You already know how thermal water sprays are a new staple of mine but the Clean-AC Cream has been a nice surprise. This lotion is specially formulated to minimise dryness brought on by using prescription acne medicines. It’s hydrating, non-comedogenic and my skin doesn’t react to it so it’s all good in my book.

Would you try waterless cleansing? Let us know!

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