I have to say, I love my eyeliner.  I typically use liquid liner, and have tried countless brands, from basic Boots or Shoppers Drug Mart brands, to more expensive products.  And I often had the same problem – my eyeliner would look great in the morning, start to look sad by the afternoon, and by the evening, the few remnants left have smudged, making my application just look like a straight up mess.  I have had a hard time finding a liquid liner that lasts long on my skin, and doesn’t smudge.  But I have finally found one that is definitely long lasting, keeps its shape, and does not smudge for the entire day; BlackUp’s liquid eyeliner.

We have already mentioned how much we like BlackUp’s products in the past, but it took me a while to try their eyeliner.  The precision tip allows you to create a clean, accurate line, and the liquid liner is fast drying.  And, as I said, it does not smudge, which is key to staying away from that raccoon eye look.  That doesn’t look good on anybody!

Although it’s pricier compared to drugstore brands  (£18.75 at Debenhams), I will definitely keep buying BlackUp’s eyeliner.

Do you have any other liquid liners that you love?  Prefer pencils?  Let us know your thoughts!

Available at blackup.com worldwide, Debenhams in the UK and Sephora in France

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