I know I’m not the only one who’s annoyed with “chicken skin” – that unsightly, bumpy skin often found on the back of arms and also on legs.

I thought it was something that I’d just have to get used to but after  a few months of using Soap and Glory’s Fruitigo Bath and Body collection, I’ve waved bye-bye to KP (or keratosis pilaris if you want to get technical).

In the collection you’ll find:

Foam Call
A super rich body wash which doubles as a luxorious bubble bath.

Pulp Friction
I used this body scrub on a weekly basis. Fruity and invigorating, this scrub helped to reveal soft skin. I made sure to be very careful and and not scrub too hard and avoided using the scrub on any part of my skin affected by kp. It was perfect for my heels, knees and elbows though!

Butter Yourself
I’m convinced this was the key to getting rid of my kp. This was one of the richest lotions I’ve ever used but it also had AHAs in it which are key to resurfacing the texture of your skin. These AHAs are fruit based as opposed to chemical – bonus!

Have any of you try the Soap and Glory range? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effective it is!

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